There have been a number of short-time ownerships on a lease basis during my annual visits to Europe: The VW Polo from Brussels, several Peugeot Diesels, and the Citroën AX-10 K-way, in which, from Calais to Calais, I covered 7,000 miles in the month that I had it, driving through 10 countries — several times in several of them — and got a peek at the earth above the Arctic Circle (known to the denizens of those parts as the Polar Circle). As you all know, I've always passionately enjoyed driving, particularly the sportier cars such as the Rileys and MGs, lately the CRX, del Sol, Integra and Insight, and I hope I can continue to enjoy this pursuit for a long time to come.

— Lindsay Lafford

Below: Lindsay in his Honda Accord Hybrid in Montross, VA,
May 7, 2007, starting return drive to Tempe, AZ.
Honda Accord Hybrid in Montross, VA, 2007