Soon after arriving in Haverford we bought a. . .

Pontiac "Bus. Coupe" '36
Pontiac Bus Coupe

— which I assumed to be short for Business Coupé. It was a 2-seater (not convertible, of course) with a luggage trunk. When we decided to take Uncle Hugh and Auntie Fof on a drive to Williamsburg from Haverford, Mother volunteered to ride in the luggage trunk, there being room in the front seat for no more than three, and tight at that. We removed the trunk lid and put in a mattress and a tarp, and she nobly rode all the way there and back -- at great risk, we now know, of getting gassed. She endured the discomfort, the noise, the dust, the occasional rain, with no complaint. At one toll bridge she even evaded paying toll; the toll taker never thought to look for an extra body in the luggage trunk.