Pontiac 8-cyl sedan '39

A demonstrator, loaded with such goodies as a Kleenex container and an umbrella container (with umbrella), it also had a mechanically operated antenna. In contrast to our previous Pontiac, where one accessed the engine through folding sides of the hood, one now had a hood that opened at the front, reminiscent of the gaping upper jaw of an alligator. To open it one gave the Indian hood ornament an uppercut under the jaw. I always wondered if this was Detroit racism; the ornament, translucent, was illuminated, however.

We acquired this about 1941, and, just after Pearl Harbor, before a rationing system had been set up, we needed four new tires. They were not to be had anywhere, so we traded the flashy Pontiac 8 back to Ardmore Motors, at a great loss because of the tires, and were miffed to see our car in their display window the next day with a complete set of new tires. The replacement car had tires but a distinct lack of flash.

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