Opel 1900 (Ascona) Station Wagon 4-cyl 4-speed '72

[Purchased for Europe '72 and brought back to the U.S. Actually did a round trip to Europe for summer '73 stint.] A great car which did us proud. [Mother's commuter vehicle for Eisenhower College. Lent to Llew in New York City for a few months. He saw the value of a narrow urban wagon, laying the groundwork for his ill-fated '68 Honda. Ultimately carried Peter around the country as he started his career.] Eventually, left for the greater part of a year in the drive at Washington Street, it suffered many indignities. The carburetor parts "froze," the battery died, and the clutch elements stuck together. I didn't discover the latter until I'd bought and installed a new battery, freed up the carburetor to some extent, and bought a license sticker and applied it. The stuck clutch proved insurmountable. I removed the battery, but could get no refund on the license; the authorities insisted on the sticker being produced, which posed another insoluble problem. I forget exactly what happened to the carcass.