Ford Fairmont autotran '80

This, a "long lease" car, with a good part of the initial warranty remaining, was obtained with the idea of trailer towing. We had a Hayden Transcooler installed, also electronic trailer brake controls, and substituted reclining bucket seats (obtained from a wrecked Pontiac in a junkyard) for the front bench. We also added cruise control. It did us pretty well; alternating the driving, Mother and I made a non-stop trip to Geneva at one point, and we drove it up there several times during those years in which we were revisiting the old house every summer. During its life several things had to be replaced: fuel pump, starter, exhaust system, carburetor (rebuilt with kit), light switch. The emission controls rusted out with annoying regularity, but were all replaced under that long emissions warranty. It had a tendency to stall soon after starting, particularly at the first corner; and it carboned up and produced an alarming knock several times. The cure was what the dealers called "Carbon Blast." It went, along with the Vanagon, when I got the first Honda.