Honda Civic Hybrid

[ Says Llewellyn: Son Peter and his wife Barbara, who lived in Phoenix, purchased a Civic Hybrid and this made for much borrowing and swapping of cars (including their Chrysler LeBaron of droppable top and disquieting noise) among the busy family members.

Laurel and I made a long visit and, once again, borrowed a family car -- this time P&B's new Civic (I'm not certain I would have lent it to me) -- for a wonderful trip up through Boulder, Colorado and out to the Coast, with a southern return. The car was fantastic, on mountain and straightaway, doing everything a competent sedan oughtter, while hardly ever asking for a sip of gas. I figure Honda didn't sell more of them because it didn't look like a Prius. (It looked exactly like a Civic, whereas the Insight looked like a crazy aluminum lab rat. C'mon, Honda!)

In 2002, Dad had a nasty fall (off a church altar), breaking his wrist and pelvis; while he ultimately fully recovered, there was a period of several months during which the Insight was too low for convenient access and the Civic became Dad's default wheels.

Peter happily accepted the rolling science experiment. ]

Dad's comment:
After the Insight gave way to the Civic Hybrid that Peter had bought while I was in hospital -- the first Civic to receive the Hybrid Technology. Because of my still-wonky hip, sliding into the Insight was tricky, so Peter and I swapped cars. He soldiered on with the Insight into astronomic mile accumulations, then sold it to a student friend whos adding to the mileage. My Honda service advisor tells me hes still servicing that Insight, and its still going strong.