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Lafford Family:
A Brief Retrospective

Lafford Clan

Lindsay Arthur James Lafford is the son of Julia E. Jones Lafford and Arthur Lafford. He is the little tyke at the front in this 1913 clan photo.

In early years you'd likely have have spotted Lindsay boldly rambling about, in or astride one of a succession of sporty conveyances. The absolutely only time he dared strap wooden planks beneath his plus fours on a slippery slope, however, is preserved here.

The Hong Kong MG 1½ litre, below.

Anna On a holiday jaunt to French Indo-China Lindsay Lafford met Anna who, herself, was vacationing from her job as a translator for a German industrial outpost in Shanghai, China. They were later married in England just before war broke out in Europe.

At right: Anna & Lindsay A. Lafford
a hand-tinted photo mounted on wood cutout, from an early visit to Atlantic City.

Lindsay Lafford and Anna
Lindsay and Anna have three children:

Julia Lafford


Llewellyn Lafford


Peter Lafford

Julia Welbon
Llewellyn Lafford
Peter Lafford


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