Brahms Requiem

This piece was performed in April 2000 by the St. James Festival Choir (guided by Don Boyer) and began what has turned into a wonderful tradition in Montross, Virginia.

Thanks to Carl & Melba Hye-Knudsen for these photos, which capture some memorable moments from the event. Carl was Lindsay's student at Hobart, class of 1961, and lifelong friend, often paired with his college roommate D. Dyson Gay. Both were basses of colorful repute and have become loyal pals of Lindsay, always returning to these events to sing and cheer.

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Dr. Lindsay A. Lafford poses with the St. James Festival Choir...
...and at the podium during the perfomance.
From left: Carl Hye-Knudsen, Lindsay A. Lafford,
Julia Lafford Welbon, and Dyson Gay.
Carl Hye-Knudsen (left) and Dyson Gay.