for the Schola Reunion 1992

Pange Lingua
tune: Sing My Tongue
87.87.87* Sarum Plainsong, Mode III after C. Wood

Sing my tongue the glorious Lafford;
Of the noble maestros, he;
He was our director vig-rous,
Always full of life and glee;
He would always give us fully,
Of his gifted artistry.

Oh, how oft would he direct us,
From the console with a wave;
With a smirk or wince or grimace,
Many'a chord he tried to save;
While his voice would gently bray,
He feet were doing Snowshoes Hathaway.

"Kiss Me, Kate" was so successful,
It always played to rave reviews;
Many'a vibrant chorister
Made here is live stage debut;
Thanks to Lindsay's fun so jolly,
Love for life he did imbue.

Cops and pirates also filled his theater,
With excitement us he filled;
Our director never lost his timing,
Us he drilled and drilled and drilled.
With his quips and quite droll humor,
Loyalty and pride instilled.

So our praises always raising,
To our marv'lous di-rec-tor,
He our lives so richly feeded,
Made our spirits truly soar,
He loved us and we loved him,
How we miss those days of yore!


*more or less
Para., Frank "Judas" (NY-Mass. '60, Florida, '61) Granger, '62
June, 1992

(Frank was unable to attend the reunion, so wrote this reverent parody and sent it to represent him in spirit.)

Reprinted with permission of the author, Frank Granger.

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