Schola Cantorum
& Chapel Choir

An Approximate Chronology
of Works Performed 1949–1967

1949 Mozart Requiem
1950 Holst, "The Coming of Christ" (U.S. première), Fauré Requiem; Gilbert and Sullivan: Patience
1951-54 Sir George Dyson: Canterbury Pilgrims (U.S. première), Geneva and Rochester; Britten: Ceremony of Carols (1952); Beethoven: Ninth Symphony (spring, 1953); "Ring Out, Ye Crystal Spheres" (U.S. première); Beggars Opera; Gilbert and Sullivan; Trial by Jury
1954 April: Dyson: "In Honor of the City" (U.S. première), St. John the Divine, Town Hall, NYC; Garden City Cathedral
Christmas: Ralph Vaughan Williams: "Hodie" (joint U.S. première)
1955 Easter: Radio City Music Hall sunrise service; St. Thomas', Fifth Avenue;
1956 Britten: "Ceremony of Carols"
1957 Spring: Mozart Requiem
1958 Mendelssohn: "Hymn of Praise"; Holst: "Christmas Day; Spring: Jacob: "Highways" (world première), Town Hall and New Brunswick, N.J.; St. John the Divine
1959 Williams: "Fantasia on Christmas Carols"; Handel: "Ode for St. Cecilia's Day"; Purcell: "Welcome to All Pleasures"
1960 Spring (New York/Massachusetts/New York City tour): Charles Wood: The Passion of Our Lord According to St. Mark; Christmas: Jacob: The New-Born King (world première)
1961 Spring (Florida Tour #1): Wood Passion; Orff: Carmina Burana; Lambert: "Rio Grande"; D'Angelo: Symphony #2, "Civil War"; Gilbert and Sullivan: Pirates of Penzance
1961-62 Messiah Christmas Portion; Pinkham: "Sinfonia Sacra"; Haydn: "Nelson Mass"; Poulenc: "Gloria" [Lafford on leave, D'Angelo and Butcher conductiong]
1962 Christmas: Giannini: "A Canticle for Christmas"
1962-63 Bach: "Sleepers, Wake!", "Christ Lay in Death's Dark Prison"
1963 Brahms Requiem, National Cathedral, Washington, and York, Pennsylvania; Weil, Threepenny Opera
1964 Elgar: "Music-Makers"; Williams: "In Windsor Forest"; Fauré Requiem; Christmas: Peter Menin: "Christmas Cantata"
1965 Haydn: Creation; music for 12 programs in the Episcopal series of the Protestant Hour radio program; Gilbert and Sullivan: Trial by Jury; Fall: Lafford: "O Thou Who Makest Souls to Shine" (Inauguration of Albert E. Holland as president of Hobart and William Smith Colleges); D'Angelo: Symphony #3, "Choral" (Bristol Gymnasium dedication)
1966 Spring: Swingle Singers arrangements
1967 Spring (Florida Tour #2): Wood: Passion

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