Xplorer Motor Home, Dodge Van V-8 conversion
Mum & Dad, Xplorers
Mum & Dad Rough It with Xplorer & Cozy Cups

[ Where the Winnebago was boxy, the Xplorer was sleek. Much of the body was a one-piece fiberglass molding. It was actually a pleasure to cruise cross-country in. I remember fondly my first trip with Mum & Dad to the Southwest in it, on a break from New York City. ]
Xplorer 224 Motor Home
(This is somebody else's Xplorer.)
No need to expand on this. [ I disagree. ] We sold it to the caretaker of Americana Village (who we will call Wes) who was very inconsistent with his payments and ultimately, while still owing us some considerable sum, flogged it to some guy to whom he owed another considerable sum -- though we still had the title in our moist little hands! Wes, who maintained that he had not flogged it, then reported it to the county police as stolen, at which point they traced the license back and contacted us as still being the owners. Bewildered, we contacted the new possessor who maintained that it was his because Wes had told him to take it to pay his debt; and, furthermore, he'd spent a good deal of money on it -- including new door and ignition locks, since he'd had to have them changed in order to spirit it away from where Wes had it parked. Also, he wasn't about to tell us where to find it. He eventually realized that he was not going very far without the title, so he nominated a neutral lawyer who collected our money for us and transferred the title.

Having patronized the French and the Italians [ with the Panhard and Fiat ], it seemed only fitting to try the Germans. This gave rise to . . .